Copper 3 Project by TMR&D

Gelugor Exchange March 13th, 2012. AMPP was assigned to coordinate this event by cooperation with TNR&D staff from Kuala Lumpur headquarters. This project is to measure copper quality that served 4 Megs circuit below 2 kilometers distance from Exchange.

There was a list of existing circuits with bad minimum attenuation rate detected. From an earlier briefing we noticed that this project required several test to run through selected copper circuits. There was also several part of copper cable to test such as from MDF to Cabinet, Cabinet to DP or MDF to last point of the circuit.

TMR&D staff will provide the test gear and instruction of testing process. Our role is to learn all the process and able to teach or guide others to run the process in future. We also assist this event to locate the selected Cabinet and DP address. Besides we are required to provide supporting equipment such as ladder to reach the ring DP.

This event will proceed for two weeks as estimated by TMR&D staff which is to complete the minimum two circuits per day. It will start today with 4 groups move simultaneously in 4 different area. We hope that everything will run smoothly without any unwanted situation occurs.

List of dedicated staff with specified location for the project:-

                Location                               TMR&D staff                                      AMPP staff

      ·         GLR Exchange:                  Mohd Sofian bin Yasin                   Shaharuddin  & Kandasamy Ramiah

·         TJB Exchange:                    Noefendi bin Salleh                        Ahmad Fauzee Arshad

·         AIM Exchange:                  Sahirman bin Abdullah                   Chandran Regagasamy 

·         PG Exchange:                    Noefendi bin Salleh                        Ahmad Fauzee Arshad

·         SZ Exchange:                      Sahirman bin Abdullah                   Abdul Razak Othman

·         JTG Exchange:                   Syarulakma bin Aziz                        Abdul Aziz Mat

·         NT Exchange:                     Syarulakma bin Aziz                        Mohd Yusoff Razak

More news and information will be added here soon. Do often visit our site to get latest activities of this event. [Pozy73 reported for AMPP website]


 Event summary (March 12th, 2012)

 ·         TMR&D staff safely arrived at Penang on March 12th, 2012 @ 4:00pm.

 ·         Short discussion between AMPP and TMR&D staff. Setting-up for first day activity on March 13th, 2012

 **Summary will be update soon. Keep in touch with us for further news. 

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