Farewell ceremony for AMPP Manager with Mainland and Island staff

Mr. Lee Swee Kim, the most dedicated person in TM Pulau Pinang will end his career on May 25th, 2013 due to his retirement. After 31 years of excellent service in TM the time arrived for him to leave our company. For us, it was a big loss to let him go. Anyway we have to accept that nothing will last forever. We will remember everything of his instructions and advises as a guide to fulfill our daily activities.

In order to
express our special thanks for him we decided to organize a farewell ceremony. Took place at "Restoran Nelayan" Ujong Batu, Bagan Dalam, Butterworth on May 16th, 2013. Attended by all AMPP staff during lunch time with a great menu provided by the restaurant.

Special credits to our organizer
committee for the smooth program provided. Site and meal selection was satisfactory and appropriate to the occasion of this kind. "WELL DONE"

No word can describes the best as picture, here we share the moment during the event...

  • For Mr. Lee, we wish you best of luck to undergo with a brand new lifestyle.
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