PU Claim Standardization Workshop

Event                 : PU Claim Standardization Workshop

Date/Time         : 15th June 2011 @ 08.00am - 05.30pm

Venue                : Bilik Tanjung Emas, Tkt2, Bangunan ESK

Organizer           : Pn. Yuanna Zaida Yahaya

Leader                : En. Mohamed Tajul Mohamed Sultan

VIP/Guest           : En. Ahmad Azhari Ismail (Openning Ceremony)

Assistances        : Rabinthir Kaur Gurdev Singh; Rosna Binti Ismail; Rashidah Abdul Rahman; Nor Fadzilah Mohd Nawi

Participant :                                                                                                                                                               Akmarul Nizam Zainudin; Azmi Abu Bakar; Chandaran Muniapa; Haridas Villanayer; Lee Swee Kim; Mohd Khursani Bin Md Khakhir; Shahrunizar Mohamad; Hazlizan Zulkefley; Azzahari Bin Abdul Rahman; Lim Teong Hin; Aziatul Nureen Binti Samsudin; Ahmad Fauzee Arshad; Abdul Aziz Bin Mat; Zulkarnain Bakar; Mohd Mulana Mat; Rosdi Bin Halim; Mohd Yusoff Bin Razak; Abdul Razak Othman; Talib Mat Saad; Mazlan Abu Bakar; Abu Zaik Bin Ahmad; Mohamad Ariff Shah Bin Mokhtar; Ong Ban Chuan; Abdul Rahman Bin Che Mat; S Kobalakrishnan A L K V Sambasivam; Sabri Zainol; Basirun Bin Hussin; Gopal A L Kalimuthu; Mohd Adzhar Abd Wahab; Yusuf Hashim; Zulkhairi Bin Mat Nayan; Zulkifli Yahya

Objective :                                                                                                                                                                          To standardise of PU claim among all Zone in RNO PP. To provide guidelines for each type/situation of work by choosing the correct items in PU claim. To avoid double claim due to incorrect items selected. To prevent invalid payment to contractor due to low knowledge or miss-understanding of items described in Plant Unit Schedule of rate.

Benefits :                                                                                                                                                                    Gathered each other among RNO PP staff. Closer relation between operational and management staff. Priceless knowledge after event will provide more quality of work.


Morning session - Formed 5 groups consist of all grade level staff. 7 types of work title given to each group for a group discussion to select an absolute PU items related. Every group members able to express an opinion based on their daily job experience. The best result with an explainable reason will be compiled by group for presentation session.

Afternoon session - Presentation by each group about their decision discussed in the morning session. At the end of every work title presented, there was a challenge session by other groups and also by the event’s leader who was very concerned about improper expenditures. Then only the result will be finalized and approved as a reference to be use in all Plant Unit claim.

·         Actual event end time overdued until 07.15pm and to be continue on 27th June 2011. The event described by writer based on his own opinion and experience during event attended. If there was any mistake or disagree please feedback to us.